Construction in the neighborhood has raised concerns about the tortoises’ safety. “Save the tortoises,” said Adam Fernandez, Cape Coral resident. “Save my favorite neighbors.”

Boyle Heights online casino slots mobile This Cape Coral neighborhood is home to hundreds of gopher tortoises, but the people who live here are concerned about road construction digging up the tortoises’ homes.

gabator nt in hindi “They’re tearing up the street and it’s not so much that I have a problem with that, as much as it is an inconvenience, but I don’t know if they’ve relocated the tortoises or if they know where the nests are going so that they’re not digging up the tortoises,” Fernandez said.

neurontin fda warning ovally Fernandez says they might be harming the tortoises without even knowing. “I mean my concern is that these nests go way underground. They might extend here, they might go under the street and if they’re digging right through it, I don’t know,” Fernandez said.

Both tortoises and their borrows are protected by the state law and you must get a permit to relocate them. There’s no set price on those permits, it all depends on how many tortoises are involved.

“I hope that if you see a tortoise stop for it cause they cross the road a lot and let’s just be aware of them,” said Fernande