Family suspects raccoons in backyard turtle deaths

Family suspects raccoons in backyard turtle deaths


Udalguri vai namorar comigo sim status ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — When an Albuquerque couple noticed some furry bandits caught on cam, they knew they’d just solved a gruesome backyard butchering.

Gobabis pokerstars twitter For a few weeks now, the family’s turtles have been disappearing from the backyard. In a swift attack, a gang of raccoons apparently went on a feeding frenzy on the family’s beloved backyard reptiles.

cashpot casino vigilantly Tammy Walling is still searching for survivors in her backyard.

namoro ou noivado « I had them all those years and they started disappearing, » she said.

ivermectin dose for human downriver KOB is not showing images of the scene Walling discovered after five of her backyard box turtles were ripped to shreds. There were still two missing on Wednesday night.

« We had seen some roadrunners in the neighborhood, » Walling said.

Utterly baffled, her investigation began. Was it a roadrunner? A woodpecker?

If only the culprit had been caught on camera…

« My husband wakes me up at 4 in the morning Monday and says ‘Look at this,’ and I say, ‘What is it?' » Walling said.

It was a fluffy, furry family of four.

« I go, ‘Oh those aren’t cats. Those are raccoons.' » Walling said.

She said one call to New Mexico Game and Fish sealed the deal when a warden told her this: « Raccoon’s favorite dish is turtles, » Walling said.

For now, there is a « shell-ter » in place order for the turtles — all 20 surviving. Since the attack, the turtles have been seeking refuge in the family bathroom.

Walling said game wardens suggested traps, but they’re expensive. Here’s where it gets tricky. Raccoons are protected fur-bearers. You can kill one, but only while they are in season in the wild.

Shooting at any animal or anything for that matter in a residential area is unadvised and could likely send you to jail for unlawful firearms use and other charges.

Game and Fish says the best way to deal with protected fur-bearers like raccoons is to trap them and call animal services to pick them up.