The futuristic car inspired by TURTLE SHELL !!

The futuristic car inspired by TURTLE SHELL !!
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  • German auto firm EDAG unveiled concept car at the Geneva Auto Show Nicholasville crush namorar
  • Its internal frame is designed to be 3D printed from a mixture of thermo- plastic materials and carbon fibre for strength and cushioning
  • A conventional metal frame, also inspired by a motorcity casino turtle shell, would protect the 3D printed internal structure. priligy kaufen günstig Now one German automotive company has unveiled a revolutionary conceptual car body that it claims will only be made possible by using what is termed as ‘additive manufacturing’ or large-scale 3D printing. poker dress Trbovlje The internal structure is inspired by the shape of a turtle skeleton and is designed so that it will provide incredible protection and cushioning, just like the animal’s shell.
    Designers used a turtle shell to inspire the shape of the car body to create a body that ‘cushions and supports’ an interior carriage, surrounded by reinforcing metals for an outer shell.
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