Gatorland weighs in with 300-pound tortoise

Gatorland weighs in with 300-pound tortoise

A 300-pound Galapagos tortoise named Lucy now calls Gatorland home.

The longtime attraction now has three of the largest tortoise species in the world, Gatorland says. Lucy, who is 27 years old,  joins Dean, a 100-year-old, 500-pound Aldabra Giant Tortoise, and Kendrick, a 55-year-old, 200-pound Sulcata African Spurred Tortoise.

Gatorland visitors can feed the giant tortoises for $5.

« Our giant tortoises are an important part of our history and ongoing animal education here at Gatorland, » said Mark McHugh, Gatorland president and CEO. « People rarely have a chance to see them in the wild, and we are proud to provide guests with a unique opportunity to meet them and learn about them. »

Gatorland and giant tortoises go way back together. In the late 1950s, park founder, Owen Godwin acquired a 400-pound giant tortoise named Albert who lived into the late ’70s, to be over 100 years old. Frank Godwin, Owen’s son, purchased Albert II from a private owner in Ft. Myers.  He died in 2006.

Folks still ask about Albert and Albert II, McHugh said.

« They’re a big part of the nostalgic memories folks have about Gatorland, » he said. « Every tortoise has its own individual personality and we love seeing our guests bond with them. »