The Albera Tortoise project

The Testudo tortoises are an iconic group of species and subspecies found throughout Europe. For an impressive amount of time they have remained extremely popular in herpetoculture and have always been a focal point for us here at Garden State Tortoise. Although well-known, mass confusion surrounds the proper identification and understanding of them. Many types are actually quite rare both in nature and captivity often being overlooked or grouped together with more common ones. Impurity has therefore become one of deepest threats for Testudos particularly the endangered Western Hermann’s tortoise. This site was launched several years ago as a tribute to the Western Hermann’s and our work with them. We are proud to announce that we have now gone above and beyond and welcome all Testudo keepers and fans to thoroughly enjoy this site and all it has to offer.  Hermanni Haven is the home for all things Testudo.