Keep Eyes Peeled For Turtles On Roadways

Keep Eyes Peeled For Turtles On Roadways

The Missouri Department of Conservation is reminding drivers to watch out for turtles in the roadways.

Experts say many turtles are hit by cars during the warmer months, but they’re especially at risk this time of year.

And they are showing up earlier than previous years because of a mild winter and early spring temperatures.

Joe Jerek with the Conservation Department tells MissouriNet males are out looking for a mate, while female turtles are searching for a nesting spot.

The Conservation Department urges people to slow down when you see a turtle and make sure you can safely steer around it.

Also, if you stop to help a turtle cross the road, keep safety as the number one concern.

Check for traffic and move it across the road in the direction it’s traveling.


You can learn more about Missouri turtles by clicking here.