Lake Huron Area Motorists Reminded To Watch For Turtles

Lake Huron Area Motorists Reminded To Watch For Turtles

A Stewardship Coordinator with the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation is reminding motorists we are now entering a very dangerous time of year for turtles.

Errin Lawrie explains there are eight species of turtles in Ontario, most of them are present along the Lake Huron shoreline and seven of them are considered species at risk. She says this is the time of year they start looking for a nest. That means travelling as much as six kilometres to find a suitable spot and that involves crossing a lot of roads. Lawrie points out it takes a turtle about nine minutes to cross a road which means the chances of getting hit a car are very high but it also means a motorist who sees a turtle on the road would have lots of time to pull over to the side of the road safely and help that turtle cross the road. She does advise some caution in handling Snapping Turtles.

Lawrie says the bite of a Snapping Turtle has been over-rated but it still could be painful but a Snapping Turtle can be assisted across the road by lifting it by the shell above its rear legs just slightly and then guiding it across the road like a wheel barrow and always in the direction in which it was going.

She says smaller turtles can be picked up like a hamburger and carried across the road. Lawrie says they’ve also created a video that is available on their Face book and YouTube page about the turtles found along the Lake Huron shoreline and what people can do to help them.