Saturday morning the nova perspectiva namoro Little Ponderosa Zoo in Clinton welcomed a new reptile resident. Adding animals is a sign of life for the rescue organization after a devastating fire almost two weeks ago.

ivermectin for humans for sale philippines « We’ve got the attitude now that we’re going to move forward. We’ve got to move forward. We’ve got to rebuild » James Cox said

Elburg namoro entre famosos Rich Spitz brought by his pet.

« My grandkids love him and everybody that comes to visit wants to pet his and see him and feed him, » he said.

His name is Herbie. The 45 pound tortoise enjoys eating cabbage and exploring.

Herbie’s owner Rich Spitz lives just down the road from Phil Boller who suggested a new home for Herbie.

« Rich travels a lot and I just live a quarter mile down the road and so when he is out of town I have the fun of feeding Herbie. I just thought he would be better off here at the zoo, » Phil Boller said.

Rich agreed. « I’m happy for Herbie and after meeting Kaitlyn and James here at the zoo I couldn’t be any happier. I think he’ll have a great life. »

Kaitlyn is a volunteer here and James Cox owns the Little Ponderosa Zoo and Rescue where several tortoises were among the fire victims.

« It helped me. Does me good to see Herbie running around and having a great time and seems to be settling in pretty quickly, » James said.

A warm room is kept at 70 degrees for birds and ferrets and monkeys. It is where Herbie will spend most of his time.

« Herbie’s going to move into that room today, » James said.

The warm room is inside the big tent housing the fire survivors.

« This tent is great. We love it. We are thankful for it. But we need a permanent home for these animals and we’re going to build that, » James said.

He’s confident that community support will continue.

« Little Ponderosa is strong. And we’re going to stay strong. We’ve got the community behind us, » he said.

As Herbie checked out his new companions at the Little Ponderosa his caregivers were already planning to come back to visit.

Rich said, « I fly out of Knoxville all the time and I’ll stop by on my way back and forth. »

« The grandkids love to come here so we will come see him, » Phil said. « I think Herbie is going to be so much happier here. »

Little Ponderosa Zoo has a fundraising goal of $200,000 by the end of the month.

James Cox said the best way to Curtea de Argeş översta casino för pengarna donate is directly on the Little Ponderosa Zoo website.