Mother and son accused of trying to sell rare Tunisian tortoises

Mother and son accused of trying to sell rare Tunisian tortoises

Severodvinsk priligy necesita receta A mother and son are to go on trial accused of trying to sell endangered tortoises through an advert in a newsagents.160893-bolt-the-tortoise

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neurontin jambes sans repos Janice Rennie and Michael Rennie are said to offered have two Tunisian tortoises for sale in the advertisement, which was allegedly displayed in Black’s Newsagents in Bannockburn Road, Stirling, between August 18 and September 9 last year.
The alleged offence is contrary to the Control of Trade in Endangered Species Regulations.
It is further alleged that at Michael Rennie’s home in Cornhill Crescent, Stirling, the mother and son failed to provide the reptiles with a suitable environment — in that a vivarium that the tortoises were kept in was too small and provided little ventilation, no shade, and had no UV lighting.
Janice Rennie, 61, of Glencairn Street, Stirling, and Michael Rennie, 33, are also accused of causing one of the tortoises unnecessary suffering by failing to provide it with suitable nourishment, whereby it died.
At a preliminary hearing at Stirling Sheriff Court on Tuesday both accused maintained pleas of not guilty to the three charges against them.
Sheriff David Clapham continued the case for another pre-trial hearing June 17, before trial set for July 3.

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