MSPCA column : Wild-caught tortoises do not make good pets

MSPCA column : Wild-caught tortoises do not make good pets

Leyland ivermectin cream brands in india Readers of a certain age will remember how common tortoises were as pets in the 60s and 70s, when they were often imported from warmer climes in terrible conditions, with many dying along the way from cracked shells or lack of water.

luckily tricksum an den spielautomaten zu gewinnen Welfare concerns led to a 1984 European Union ban on the commercial import of tortoises causing an immediate decline in the legal trade.

dating site i ski Dīpālpur It is now illegal in the UK to import or sell wild-caught tortoises and breeders can sell only captive bred from parental stock in their care.

rencontre cougar cherbourg New-born animals must be identified with a microdot and adults with a microchip or other appropriate method.

stromectol 3 mg bijsluiter Afikpo But as tortoise numbers have declined, their selling price has increased in line with their rarity, and this has contributed to an increase in their illegal trade.

site de namoro de minas gerais disrespectfully Before 1983, Mediterranean tortoises sold for about £10 each – now they can change hands illegally for up to £200.

Wild-caught tortoises do not make suitable pets and nine out of 10 die within four years because their owners are unable to provide the environmental conditions they need to survive.

If you are tempted to buy a tortoise over the internet, then be prepared to spend large sums on veterinary fees.

Tortoises are often very slow to exhibit signs of illness (which makes the time-based refund offered by commercial sellers of little worth), and it is not easy to judge the health of a tortoise from initial observations.

Thankfully we come across very few tortoises at Ard Jerkyll, but we do have a number of terrapins brought to us every year because they have been dumped in a local pond as unwanted pets and then found by a concerned member of the public.

Although some terrapins are able to adapt to the wild, most succumb to illness due to an inadequate diet and cold conditions.

Given the number of unwanted terrapins (they are expensive to keep, can grow to the size of a dinner plate, and live for up to 30 years) it is completely unnecessary to purchase them over the internet.

If you really are interested in keeping terrapins, far better to adopt one and give it a second chance by contacting us (we can keep your name on a waiting list until the next terrapin, like the one pictured, is brought in) or the British Chelonia Group –

We always encourage people to ’adopt, don’t shop’ and, although there are several good breeders of border collies on the island, we urge anyone looking for a collie to visit our kennels first.

We have three adorable border collies in at the moment, all black and white but with very different personalities: JT is a handsome, friendly seven-year-old who is very bouncy and likes to chase things (in other words, a typical collie); Buddy is only a baby and has had to overcome a fear of vehicles and a lack of confidence (another collie trait); and five-year-old Jan is our most recent arrival.

She was a working dog but decided she didn’t want to round-up sheep for a living (definitely not a collie trait) and so she is looking for a life of domesticity and dog walks.

Jan is particularly special to look at because she has one brown eye and one bright blue eye – a genetic, and completely healthy, condition called heterochromia.

We also have cats with heterochromia in our cattery from time to time, but the only ’special eyes’ we have at the moment belong to handsome Oscar who has a distinctive brown freckle in his right eye. Oscar is a black and white twelve-year-old, and he came to us for rehoming because his previous owners moved abroad.

He will suit a quiet household, where he will be a devoted and loving companion.

Our charity shops in Buck’s Road, Douglas, and Parliament Street, Ramsey, play an invaluable role in funding our work with animals such as these. Buck’s Road is currently having a summer sale and so please pop along and see what’s on offer.