Pet tortoise escapes owner to take a walk in the park

Pet tortoise escapes owner to take a walk in the park

músicas para termino de namoro Dillingen A tortoise who escaped his owner’s home last week went for a walk in the park after making a run — or crawl — for freedom. Tank, a sulcata tortoise the size of a car hubcap, apparently dug a hole through his owner’s backyard in Sacramento to wander the streets of the city last Thursday. It’s unclear how far the tortoise got from home, but officers encountered the hard-shelled pedestrian in Tahoe Park Thursday afternoon and promptly apprehended him.

where can i buy ivermectin for dogs Grand Junction The tortoise was taken to the Front Street Animal Shelter, which unsuccessfully scanned him for a microchip to find his owner.

neurontin effet secondaire insomuch “This guy decided to take a stroll down 56th St. [i]n Tahoe Park,” the shelter wrote Thursday night, attaching several photos of the animal. “We know that someone must be missing their pet Sulcata as he appears well cared for. We need our Facebook family’s help to get this guy back home!!!”

Iiyama cookie casino Nearly 3,000 shares later, the post reached the tortoise’s owner, who arrived at the shelter to pick up his pet and promptly install a chip to prevent losing him again.

singlebörse lahr Busan “Seems like Tank got bored and dug out of the backyard,” the shelter wrote. “He is now safely home with a microchip and a great story to tell.”

Tortoises, particularly sulcata tortoises, are popular pets. But though they are often sold as babies that can fit in your hand, sulcatas are capable of growing up to nearly 3 feet wide and eventually weighing more than 200 pounds.

Their size also makes them capable of moving — or digging — more quickly than expected.