Report turtle sightings big and small

Report turtle sightings big and small

amiens sc rencontre Andorra With the arrival of the warmer weather, Sunshine Coast community members are seeing more activity from the colourful western painted turtles that live around the lakes of the Pender Harbour area. Tiny baby hatchling turtles, each the size of a loonie, can be seen emerging from their underground nests and heading to the water, while adult female turtles are leaving the water to search for suitable nesting sites and may be observed crossing roads, wandering on land, or digging in the ground.

Kitale agencia de casamento para executivos Observing a turtle hatchling or nesting turtle is not only an unforgettable experience, it is also essential to understanding and conserving this imperilled species.

daroca conocer gente soltera Poissy The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project is asking residents to please report their sightings of turtle hatchlings, emergence holes, and turtles on land by emailing or calling 604-989-1007. Please take note of the date, time, and precise location, and, if possible, take photographs that show the spot.ård-slot-halloween.html Painted turtles are federally threatened, provincially red-listed, and protected by the BC Wildlife Act. It is illegal to touch turtles or remove them from their lakes.

Rahachow stromectol achat en ligne For more information about local efforts to ensure the survival of this species at risk, please visit or – Submitted by Michelle Evelyn

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