Saving turtles – Video

Cael Walker from Shepparton had a chance to meet one of the turtles.

Long necked turtles.

enigma peliautomaatti Children got up close and personal with some of Victoria’s endangered turtles in an exhibition by Turtles Australia and River Connect last week. The conservation group came to Shepparton to help teach children about the dangers harming the reptiles.

freecasinos Turtles Australia vice-president Dylan Hill said it was important to teach the next generation by showing them the dangers turtles faced.

Colima stromectol ivermectin buy ‘‘A lot of these kids will end up being landholders in time,’’ Mr Hill said. As well as letting children see the turtles in a safe environment, he showed the damage caused by one of their deadliest predators, the fox, which feasts on turtle eggs.

Đinh Văn can you get ivermectin for humans over the counter ‘‘Foxes are only going up in numbers, and turtles and other native animals are going down,’’ he said.

Part of what children could do, Mr Hill said, was keep an eye on where turtles were living in their local area.

‘‘We try to educate people to map turtles where they see them,’’ he said.

‘‘It is hard to cover everywhere.’’

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