Sea pollution takes toll on turtles

Sea pollution takes toll on turtles

neurontin 100 mg for nerve pain Bangangté Pollution in sea water is taking its toll on turtles and other aquatic creatures. Remains of dead turtles, birds and fish lying on the coast has become a common scene of late.

Kaltan betway r25 Environmentalists and researchers attribute the indiscriminate release of effluents into the sea, by some industries set up in coastal mandals, to the death of the aquatic species. They urged the officials concerned to prevent contamination of sea and protect sea birds and animals. “Several species of birds, animals, fish and flora is being killed due to rising levels of pollution in the Bay of Bengal. Carcasses of birds, turtles and fish are seen along the coast in the island villages,” said a member of the Bird Watchers Society. A team belonging to the society visited the sea coast villages recently.

Gaspar neurontin scandal Bird Watchers Society of Andhra Pradesh vice-president J.V.D. Murthy, who visited the hamlets along the coastline in Nagayalanka and Avanigadda mandals and Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary in the district, lamented that many mangroves are destroyed and birds and animals are perishing due to pollution.

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Bio-technology and Zoology department head of Krishna University, P.V. Bramha Chari, who is conducting research on mangroves, said the mangroves showed an alarming 10 per cent decline on an average every year.

“Mangroves are located at Machilipatnam, Avanigadda and Kakinada areas in Andhra Pradesh. Destruction of these mangroves, a natural protecting wall to the coastline, could pose a threat to human habitat, especially at the time of natural calamities. Thousands of birds and animals depend on the sea and these species are living under a constant threat due to fast degrading mangroves,” said Mr. Bramha Chari.