Sea turtles arrive from Virginia for rehab stint

Sea turtles arrive from Virginia for rehab stint
  • Taroudant tab gabapentin 100mg Three new patients arrived Wednesday to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center from their previous care facility in at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, Va.

    Cerveteri ivermectin cream price in india “They were cold-stuns that had been there for awhile,” said GSTC Director Terry Norton of the three loggerheads. “They’ve got a full house there, so they needed to get some room freed up. They’re fairly stable animals, but we’re taking them to help them out.”

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    endearingly ivermectin online order Sea turtle rehabilitation centers along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts tend to handle cold-stunned sea turtles that find themselves in trouble further north and along New England. However, significant periods of cold weather in December and into January affected turtles in southern waters that usually are not similarly afflicted. The U.S. Geological Survey told the Tampa Bay Times that authorized people have rescued more than 1,000 cold-stunned sea turtles in St. Joseph Bay alone, an area between Panama City and Apalachicola along the Florida panhandle.

    priligy venta en ecuador “It’s really tough,” USGS sea turtle expert Margaret Lamont said. “And it’s really inspiring to see that people are willing to do it to save these animals.”

    There were 15 sea turtles in rehab at the GSTC before the new loggerheads arrived. Norton said it is likely to be a while before the new arrivals make it back into the ocean.

    “We’re going to find a place to release them when it’s warm,” Norton said. “If we release them in Georgia, it probably won’t be until April. If we get approval to release them further down in Florida, we might do it earlier. It will just depend on what comes in, and if we have to free up space and all that. Most likely, we’ll wait until April or so.”