Seized endangered Parrot-beaked tortoises ill in Birmanie, being treated

Seized endangered Parrot-beaked tortoises ill in Birmanie, being treated
Writer:  Ma Pe Nyein

Sorsogon metformin hcl1000mg Hundreds of endangered parrot-beaked tortoises seized in Tachileik in eastern Shan State on October 26 are being treated at a tortoise shelter near Zeepingyi forest reserve in Bantbway village, Nyaung Cho Township.

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These animals are being given antibiotics and vitamins to heal the injuries they sustained while being kept illegally, according to Kalayar, the director of Myanmar’s wildlife conservation.
“We are giving them two kinds of antibiotics and vitamins. We’ll also check their health and if there are any problems, we’ll give further treatment,” said Kalayar.
The parrot-beaked tortoise is in high demand in China as pets or for gambling purposes. As a result, they are nearly extinct.
A total of 342 tortoises were seized from a house in Wang Kaung ward in Tachileik on October 26. They are tiny, having just emerged from their eggs.
Due to their small size, they are easy prey for their traditional enemies – crows, ostriches, jackals, baboons, dogs, and a wide range of other predators. In the wild, they spend most of their time hiding under rocks, foliage and other cover.
The seized tortoises will be released to the wild after reproducing, said Kalayar. They It lay a clutch of two to four eggs, which hatch 150–320 days later. In Myanmar, the species can be found in Taninthayi and Bago Regions, Kayin, Kayah, Mon, and Shan States.