Stop killing sea turtles with your plastic

Stop killing sea turtles with your plastic

Stellingen how to use ivomec for humans Eleven-year-old Arlian and his friends have regularly collected the cigarette butts and plastic off the beach in Byron as part of Positive Change for Marine Life’s Honour the Ocean beach surveys. Taking place every second Saturday between 8.30am and 10.30am at Main beach, Byron Bay, they have been known to collect up to 15 kg in one session.

cameo casino review Tooele Arlian is now taking his commitment to saving sea animals one step further by making the film ivermectin for intestinal worms Krasnodon Plastic, Alarm! Let’s save the sea turtles.

buitrago del lozoya donde conocer chicos Elche Working with his mother, Karin Ecker an international filmmaker, Arlian tells the story of a sea turtle that was rescued by Seabird Rescue in Ballina after being damaged by plastic in the oceans.

singler kenzingen China He interviews the carers and observes them care for the turtle,’ said Karin. ‘He sees the turtle being released back to the ocean. We see her happily swimming free, while snorkelling at the wreck.’ Arlian then continues his adventure and with his friends interviews the Plastic Free Byron initiative and Aboriginal women to discover their perspective on being a responsible guardian for the environment.

‘He has had David Rastovich offering to endorse the project and be interviewed as well,’ said Karin.


Taking the project to a global level he has been connecting with other children around the country and the world including skyping a mother and son from Scotland Island north of Sydney who have got 15,000 signatures on a petition against single use plastic bags.

‘The aim of the project is to get kids and schools involved to participate in or initiate creative projects towards protecting the environment,’ said Karin.

Boomerang Alliance has already committed to using the film as part of their school education programmes and it will also be used in Austria.

‘These films will be a tool to connect kids with kids locally and globally,’ continued Karin. ‘Austria is lined up to be connected via schools.  The films will be featured on a platform of the Ministry of Environment in Austria, called “Generation Blue”, which is a platform for kids and youth in Austria.’

If you are interested in getting involved its the project or supporting it financially you can find out more at their crowdfunding site