Threatened Species of Turtles Hatch at Chicago-area Zoos

Threatened Species of Turtles Hatch at Chicago-area Zoosáquinas-gratis.html CHICAGO (AP) — More than two dozen newly hatched turtles are being cared for at Chicago-area zoos as part of an effort to restore the threatened species. Twenty-six ornate box turtles have hatched at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo and suburban Brookfield Zoo. They’ll remain at the zoos for a few months, then will be reintroduced to sand prairies in western Illinois.

anel namoro pandora The hatchlings were provided by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service as part of an annual « head start » program. Diane Mulkerin is curator for Lincoln Park Zoo. She says each year the zoos learn more about how to help prepare the turtles for living in their native habitat.

frau kennenlernen facebook Mulkerin says the number of turtles being reintroduced increases each year.

Umm Qaşr ivomec for dogs philippines The turtles will end up at protected areas at Savannah, Illinois