Tiny turtles on move at Awoonga

Tiny turtles on move at Awoonga
Paul Braven GLA270316AWOONGA

online roulette casino live will-lessly VISITORS to Lake Awoonga are being urged visitors to watch their step after baby Kreffts turtles were spotted. Nigel Trezise, owner of Lake Awoonga Boating and Leisure Hire, posted a video of the critters on Facebook, highlighting their small size.

voluntarily ivermectin for dogs buy online « This time of year all the little hatchlings are around,” he said. Summer’s weather has been good for business – Awoonga is packed with visitors – and Mr Trezise hopes the turtles point to that continuing.ünstig-72114/ An old wives’ tale has it that the higher the turtles climb up the hill, the more rain summer will bring.

luckyme slots 10 free spins Pulupandan « Apparently in 2013 the turtles were hatching right up the top of the hill, so apparently they’ve got an instinct,” Mr Trezise said.

« If they’re around the garden beds that’s a sign of not much rain.”