Tortoise alert ! Squeaker the pub pet has gone walkabout – after 37 years !

Tortoise alert ! Squeaker the pub pet has gone walkabout – after 37 years !

Kokubunji gabantin 200 Another tortoise has gone missing in Lincolnshire – and this time Squeaker’s legged it from his home after 37 years!

Emmiganūr snorting neurontin The alarm has been raised at The Fighting Cocks pub in Horncastle, where Squeaker’s presence was first missed yesterday, Wednesday, September 7.

Akbarābād ivermectin injection for animals He followed in the footsteps of other local tortoises who made off in July, but have all since been found.

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 Squeaker’s owner at the West Street pub Paula Sylvester appealed on social media for his return. She said: « Squeaker has gone missing from the pub garden this afternoon. « If anyone could come help look for him it would be massively appreciated.

« We’ve had him for 37 years and he’s a much-loved member of our family.

« Please keep your eyes open if you’re around Horncastle. »

Mrs Sylvester explained how the distinctive tortoise went missing.

« He’s a bigger lad than most tortoises and he usually lives with my parents Tony and Janet Birch at Spilsby, but he’d been with us as they were visiting my brother in the Lake District, » she said.

« When dad came to collect him at 4pm on Wednesday we couldn’t find him in the garden. I hope nobody’s taken him because he could be up to 60 years old as he’s been in our family for three generations now.

« My 11-year-old daughter Laura and son James, nine, have been out looking for him last night and this morning.

« If anyone finds him can they please call us on 01507 522130? »

In July we reported how East Lindsey tortoises were stepping out at a pace by escaping from their gardens!

Both a pet shop and a Lincolnshire animal rescue centre were handed lost tortoises found by members of the public.

One of the lost critters was found in Woodhall Spa and another two – called Fang and Ivana Trump – were handed in to The Ark Animal Rescue Centre in North Somercotes after being found in Covenham.

Another of the reptiles was also reported missing from the Mark Avenue area of Horncastle.

Sue Rice from The Ark managed to trace the owner of the two tortoises handed into the sanctuary.

She said: « Tortoises are very good escape artists. When the sun is out and they are put in the garden, they can soon make a break for it through an insecure fence or digging their way out. »

Brian Harshaw of Coningsby Pet and Aquatics said: « People think tortoises are slow and so do not always watch them as much as maybe they should. »