Turtle Survival Alliance

Turtle Survival Alliance
Seventy Tortoises Saved from Slaughter.
In a joint operation between DREDD-Atsimoandrefana (Ministère de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable),
Madagascar National Parks
, and the local
Gendarmerie Nationale – Madagascar
, 70 Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) were rescued from an inevitable end at the hands of poachers.
The juvenile, subadult, and adult tortoises were seized from an encampment in Madagascar’s Atsimo-Andrefana Region, a hotspot for poaching activity. As they often are, the maligned tortoises were found tied together, some with holes drilled into their shells. These beautiful tortoises would have become bushmeat if not for their rescuers.
Following their seizure, the tortoises were transported to the TSA’s Lavavolo Tortoise Center for medical triage and long-term care. Here, they will live in natural expansive enclosures built into their native spiny forest habitat, safe from poachers’ grasp.
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Photo credits: Baomiavotse Vahinala Raharinirina, MEDD
The TSA would like to thank all of those responsible for the rescue and safe transport of these tortoises.