Turtles and Reality

Turtles and Reality

appli de rencontre en ligne gratuit Coconut Grove In the local environs several kinds of turtles are common, including Painted turtles, Map turtles, Snapping turtles, Stinkpots, and possibly others. On a sunny spring day, one can see several out of the water on a rock, trying to catch a ray of warm sunshine before diving back into the still cold water of perhaps 7 °C (45 °F). It’s already the month of June and both air and water temperatures are well behind the seasonally adjusted “global warming = climate change = frying planet” conditions that were proclaimed by so many climate doomsters. They should come by soon, before the water freezes over again, a few feet deep, for months. Perhaps, it might help them to distinguish “carbon pollution” from real pollution—and facts from fictio

The “Carbon Pollution” Hoax

ivermectin brands in south africa U.S. President Trump has called a spade a spade—and rightly so!

Izmaylovo site de relacionamento happy After decades of research with billions of research funds spent, there is less scientific evidence than ever before of any linkage between carbon dioxide levels in the air and the global mean temperature, or the proclaimed “catastrophic” ocean level rise. Au contraire, increasingly the evidence points to CO2 as a global atmospheric cooling agent and some sea levels are even falling. The so-called “carbon pollution” problem was and is nothing but a giant smoke screen for a “one-world” government under U.N. bureaucrat control with Socialist/Marxist-types a la G. Soros pulling the strings—foremost for their own benefit.

quick hit slot machine games Talagante President Trump has called the cards and—just wait for a little while—the number of “carbon players” leaving this high-stakes game will be surprising. Some “rats” are already leaving the sinking ship of the warming doom. For example, Britain has stopped funding wind-power installations, Germany is using more (imported) coal than ever, the Visegrad-countries (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary) are rebelling against the European Union (EU) “climate protection” mandates, and so forth. Why should they embark on the EU missive to “decarbonize?”

Even Germany, probably the most ardent leader of that decarbonisation nonsense is burning a lot of coal for electric power generation. The only difference is that that it now is being imported from overseas, mostly from the USA. The U.S. coal miners will be pleased to hear that, the former German “Kumpels” less so.

 Of course there are still Hold-OutsYes, there are still some hold-outs of the old order of “carbon-pollution-climate-religion” disciples. Among them the German Chancellor, who vowed to keep marching on her path to “reliable energy deprivation.” Just need to build more windmills etc. and all will be fine. Not to forget the human-powered freight tricycles they’ve been proposing.

Not surprisingly though, she is met with increasing opposition, even from her own party’s rank and file that are calling for an end to “moral blackmail” by climate research and a “farewell to unilateral German CO2 targets.”

Other notables in that hold-out league are countries like China that are constructing new coal-fired power plants at break-neck speed. They claim a need to catch up with the western world for another decade or two. So, they claim a free pass.

Yet other hold-outs thought they would get some of the $100 BILLION the dummies overseas would love to fork over to their potentates—of course all under UN guidance and supervision. Look at satellite pictures of all the “drowning” islands in the oceans. Look at their own government-produced population and growth figures, and look at their spiffy ads for exotic vacation places. For example, in 1999 the Pacific island nation Vanuatu had a population of approx. 193 thousand, in 2010 approx. 226, and currently 275 thousand. Similarly, in the Indian Ocean: The population of the Maldives grew in the same time span from 269 (in 2002) to 305 (in 2010) to currently 400 thousand inhabitants.

You’d be hard-pressed to find any evidence for the widely proclaimed “drowning islands” scenarios according to which their inhabitants are fleeing for their lives from rising sea levels. A few billion dollars though would just be fine to perpetuate the calamity stories. At least until everyone recognizes that they have been suckered in long enough.

Then, the islanders too will abandon the climate ship in a hurry and realize that the wind now blows from a different direction.—As any good sailor knows, the sails need to be adjusted to the changing wind. And that appears to be happening faster than many ever thought possible.