Turtles set to hatch on The Strand

Turtles set to hatch on The Strand

gay fox parlamento britanico jocular MORE than 100 turtle eggs are expected to hatch on The Strand in coming weeks at two nesting sites. One of the two nests is expected to hatch any day and volunteers from the Sea Turtle Foundation are on standby to help guide the young hatchlings towards the water.

sitios de citas en santa maría del páramo Inashiki Sea Turtle Foundation project manager Johanna Karam said there had been three turtle nesting sites on The Strand this year, with one already hatched.

SeaTac ivermectin tablets dosage “It may have actually been the one turtle that came back to lay in the same spot a few times,” she said.

casino hessen “They can come up to seven times in a season.

Sobral bruno e marrone vai da namoro “We’ve been very grateful to everyone who has called us when a turtle’s nesting so we can come down and keep the crowds back.”

One of the remaining nests has been fenced off with orange tape. The exact location of the other buried nest is unknown, although volunteers have been told by a member of the public who reported seeing the nesting female that it is in the same vicinity.

Ms Karam said the first nest hatched about two weeks ago, the next is expected to hatch in coming days and the third in another two weeks.

“We’ve got one due any day now,” she said.

Each nest is expected to contain more than 50 eggs.

A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokeswoman said the actions of local authorities and volunteers to protect the turtles were welcomed.

“The Strand is not a major turtle nesting site but occasionally turtles will choose this popular beach to lay their eggs,” the spokeswoman said.

“EHP is not involved in the fencing off of this turtle nest although advice has been provided regarding the management of this nest.

“The nest will require extra attention at hatching time ­because of the light from the adjacent city development.

“Light distracts turtle hatchlings and, if left to themselves, they will not head out to sea as they should but may head inland towards the illuminated areas.”

The turtle nesting season usually occurs between October and March.

Visitors to The Strand are urged not to disturb turtles because light and movement can cause the females to abandon nesting.

Turtle watchers should remain still and avoid using a torch and flash photography.

Anyone who sees a turtle hatchling on The Strand is asked to call the Sea Turtle Foundation on 0413 174 683.