Two men ‘surfing’ on a turtle at Fraser Island beach slammed on social media

Two men ‘surfing’ on a turtle at Fraser Island beach slammed on social media

A man who posted a photo of himself and a friend “surfing” on a turtle at Fraser Island over the weekend has come under social media fire today, with Facebook users slamming the pair’s tasteless snap.

“Surfed a tortoise on zee weekend. gnarly duddddeeeee,” his Instagram status read.

The photo has since been removed, and the man’s profile has been made private on both Instagram and Facebook.

But not before screenshots of the post had been shared and posted.

The original post.
Close up of the photo.

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokeswoman said that “rangers are investigating a photo posted on social media of two men standing on a green turtle understood to be on Fraser Island”.

“There is some evidence to suggest that this turtle was deceased at the time of the photo,” she said.

“QPWS are taking this matter seriously and investigating further. The maximum penalty for interfering with a natural resource is $19, 965.”

A Facebook user has suggested the photo is of a Green Sea Turtle, like the one pictured here.

One amateur wildlife photographer, who shared the post yesterday evening (voicing his disgust) woke up this morning to discover a post he’d shared on his Facebook page had gone viral.

With thousands of shares, comments, and reactions to his post which read: “When your brain is the size of a peanut, your thought process is ridiculous.” He asked others to raise awareness to the post.

The photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he regularly shared wildlife photos and posts on his page but that he’d never had a response like today’s.

“I saw it posted in a community group on Tuesday evening, and you can see that the guy has shared it from Instagram,” he said.

“I’m big into my wildlife rescue, so I normally post anything to my page that I think people should know about to raise awareness.

“Most of my stuff I get about two likes on.

“When I woke up this morning and looked at my Facebook I wasn’t expecting that.

“But the turtles are a protected species, even when they’re dead, so I’m sure what he’s doing is wrong and he’s posted a photo up.”

It is not clear whether the animal is dead or alive in the photo.

One Facebook user posted: “That turtle is a protected and endangered species. Looks like a male Green sea turtle (Chelonia Mydas) — you can see his tail (females have very small tails) … It does look pretty dead though — males generally only come up on land when they’re dead or sick (they don’t need to lay eggs or anything, so they never come onto beaches). And they’re very strong and deceptively quick. If it were alive, it wouldn’t be waiting around for these two idiots.”

Another Facebook user questioned whether, if dead, there was anything wrong with the men’s actions.