Unwanted turtles spotted in Lake Taupo

Unwanted turtles spotted in Lake Taupo

rich palms online casino Red-eared slider turtles, one of the world’s top 100 pests, have been seen in Lake Taupo, prompting a reminder for people not to let the popular pets escape or dump them in waterways.
red_eared_slider_turtle_pest_N2 « We don’t want these turtles becoming widespread in the wild in New Zealand, » biosecurity officer Brett Bailey said.

nsc amsterdam Last August, one of the turtles was captured at Lake Taupo after being spotted at Rainbow Point while another was picked up by a tourist on the northern foreshore before Christmas and handed into authorities.

gay dating app trinidad co This month there have been a further two sightings south of Taupo township.

gay dating site mineral wells texas flop Mr Bailey said they suspect the sightings were of a pet or pets that had escaped or been deliberately released to the wild when the owner no longer wanted them.

wells branch gay hookup places He said they are a danger to New Zealand waterways and the council is putting rules in place that would make releasing turtles into the wild an offence.

« They are omnivorous and may eat native species such as eels and native fish, and compete for food with introduced trout. »

While New Zealand is generally too cold for the turtles to get established on any scale, Lake Taupo has geothermal heat venting at various sites around the lake shore which could potentially create pockets where successful breeding could occur.