Volunteer in Costa Rica to Protect Sea Turtles

Travelling is something most of us enjoy, there are many ways of vacationing and sometimes the popular vacation experience just takes you to the most beautiful places in a country but doesn’t allow you to really explore the country’s culture, the way of living, traditions, and needs.

Turtle Trax S.A. in Costa Rica offers precisely that, it is a company that organizes rural tourism projects on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and creates, as their web page explains, “unique experiences for both national and international tourists by combining sea turtle conservation, hands-on volunteer work, community projects and locally based tourism”.

This company has been working in the conservation and rescue programs of sea turtles since 1998 in four nesting beaches at the Nicoya Península: Playa Caletas, Playa Costa de Oro, Playa San Miguel and Playa Corozalito.

Those who wish to volunteer (minimum one week but recommended 2 weeks), will work with research assistants and project coordinators participating in nightly 3-hour beach patrols to help encounter nesting sea turtles and record scientific data, volunteers must also monitor and maintain the hatcheries, relocate eggs to the nursery and release baby sea turtles. Other opportunities are also available in other community projects if interested.

But it’s not all about work, actually most of the work takes place at night time which leaves plenty of time to relax and enjoy some of the natural beauties this area of the country has to offer, activities can include, surfing, body boarding, swimming, animal watching, exploring estuaries and tide pools. Tours are also offered.

The volunteer program is offered for adults and children alike as long as children are accompanied by an adult. Volunteers can stay at a station house or a private cabin for an affordable price that can go from $375 for one week staying at the station house or $450.00 for the same period of time in a private cabin, discounts are applied for those staying 2 or more weeks; funds received from volunteers are used towards the sea turtle nesting beach conservation projects. Turtle conservation projects are open only from July to December.
Turtle Trax is currently accepting applications for 2017 coordinator positions. For additional information contact

Watch this amazing video created by Nakawe Project for Turtle Trax S.A. Location: Pueblo de Corozalito.