Baby Sulcata tortoises stolen from reptile centre

Baby Sulcata tortoises stolen from reptile centre

Two, eight-month old Sulcata tortoises were stolen from Lincoln Reptile and Pet Centre.

The desert dwelling species were taken at 10:47am on 11 September from the family run business in Lincolnshire.

Alyss Dickinson, pet shop owner said: “We put a lot of work into ensuring the health and well-being of all our animals so for someone to steal two tortoises breaks our hearts.They have done this to make quick money without a care for the welfare of the tortoise.

“We currently have CCTV in operation and have passed this onto the police, however we are currently looking at getting more cameras fitted with better coverage.

“We haven’t got any hope in getting the tortoise back but just hope that they have been passed on to someone that will care them.”