Dalmuir tortoises proving to be a hit at reptile store

Dalmuir tortoises proving to be a hit at reptile store

And one is a Superhero!

The pair of African tortoises are quite at home in Thistle Reptiles pet store on Dumbarton Road — and are proving a huge hit with visitors.

‘Petal’ and ‘Superhero’ — who have a combined age of around 150 years — have been centre of attention since last week.

This is after Pet store owners Angela Hislop and partner David Brown extended an open invitation for kids and families to meet the cute creatures.

Angela told the Post: “The tortoises are both just brilliant

“They are easy to look after and make terrific pets. Tortoises have their own personalities and recognise people.

“I bring in lots of different pets for people to see but Superhero and Petal have gained the best reaction by far.”

Superhero, a sulcata, is thought to be in his mid 50s while Petal, an African leopard, is around 95-years-old.

Spending their day munching on grasses in their enclosure, the tortoises belong to Angela Hislop and are not for sale.

Angela took ownership of the tortoises after Petal was passed down in the family and Superhero came from a family friend. Starting off the size of a 50 pence piece when they hatched, the reptiles have grown considerably to their present size and stature.

The pet store has been open for more than a year and in that time, Angela has brought the two tortoises in for members of the public to enjoy on a regular basis, gaining a terrific reaction from visitors.

She has also taken the animals on the road by visiting local schools and clubs including members of the Faifley Girls Brigade.

Angela continued: “People love them, especially the kids. One day, 20 children came in to the shop to have a look.

“Sometimes, they just wander by and say they have food for the tortoise. The animals are so used to being hand-fed.

“Local people have been terrific with the tortoises, and the support of the shop in general. I’m grateful to everyone who has been so welcoming over the past year or so.”

Superhero and Petal may only be around to welcome visitors to the store but other varieties of tortoises can be found for sale including Hermanns and Horsefields.

Anyone looking to buy tortoises has to make sure they do their homework first, as Angela explained.

“The African species need a lot of space and heat,” she said. They constantly graze and just walk around. I would recommend them to anyone though, they are great.”

Stocking a wide variety of animals, visitors to Thistle Reptiles can find snakes, chameleons, rabbits and creepy-crawlies among the animals for sale.