Leopard Tortoise

« We are looking at 2 young leopard tortoises. This is an African species of tortoise and they occur in east Africa and parts of south Africa, » said Bill Hughes, a herpetologist at the Tennessee Aquarium.

« They are called leopard tortoises because of the spots on their shells. You can kind of see them, they are a bit variable and no two of them quite look alike, » said Hughes.

The pink spot is not natural, that’s just how herpetologists and others working at the aquarium identify which is which. Since they are tortoises, they have elephantine feet helping them thrive on land.

« They are tortoises so they live in dry areas. These guys live in the Savannah and those areas in Africa. They don’t swim well, if at all, » said Hughes.

They are the fourth largest living species of tortoise, reaching close to a foot and a half long and 50 pounds. It takes quite a while for them to reach their max length and weight. They live to be anywhere between 80 and 100-years-old.

Just when Lauren thought they were cute … well, watch the end of the video to find out what happened next.