On the run ! Mystery as tortoises leg it across Lincolnshire

On the run ! Mystery as tortoises leg it across Lincolnshire

Tortoises are stepping out at a pace… by escaping from their gardens!

The perception of the half-shell heroes being slow doesn’t seem to be the case in Lincolnshire.

Both a pet shop and a Lincolnshire animal rescue centre have been handed lost tortoises found by members of the public.

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 One of the lost critters was found in Woodhall Spa and another two – called Fang and Ivana Trump – were handed in to The Ark Animal Rescue Centre in North Somercotes after being found in Covenham.

Another of the reptiles was also reported missing from the Mark Avenue area of Horncastle.

Sue Rice from The Ark managed to trace the owner of the two tortoises handed into the sanctuary.

She said: « Tortoises are very good escape artists. When the sun is out and they are put in the garden, they can soon make a break for it through an insecure fence or digging their way out.

« Someone found one of the tortoises on Thursday and handed it in to us then another turned up on his doorstep the next day.

« We put a post out on Facebook and quite a few people contacted me about rehoming as well as others saying their pets had escaped or possibly been stolen.

« It turns out both tortoises belonged to the same owner and we have been able to reunite them.

« We recommended – just like with other animals – to get your tortoise microchipped. »

The owner of the tortoises, Astra Leadbitter, posted on The Ark’s Facebook page to say her daughter was devastated after the pets escaped from the garden on July 13.

She posted: « The tortoises Fang and Ivana Trump are now home safe and sound, thanks to all for sharing the post and those offering to rehome them.

« Me and my little girl went to pick them up this morning we are absolutely over the moon to get them back. »

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Brian Harshaw of Coningsby Pet and Aquatics is caring for a tortoise found on Wednesday by a PCSO on patrol in Woodhall Spa.

Tortoises are quite determined diggers and can dig under fences and insecure runs.

« They can climb reasonably well and get themselves over obstacles. In 20 minutes they could easily walk 100 yards.

« We are continuing to care for the tortoise and if the owner has not come forward by the weekend a woman who rescues tortoises has agreed to take it.

« I know it is common for owners to lose tortoises or they are unfortunately stolen and I have lots of notices in my window from people trying to trace their pets. »

If you think the tortoise could be yours, contact Coningsby Pet and Aquatics on 01526 344777.