Radiated tortoises haven’t won race to Rocky zoo….yet

Radiated tortoises haven’t won race to Rocky zoo….yet

SLOW and steady wins the race.

That is certainly the approach the Rockhampton Regional Council is taking when it comes to housing a Radiated Tortoise.

In the Council’s meeting yesterday, one of the issues discussed was the possibility of the Rockhampton Zoo housing the psychedelic looking animals. The critically endangered tortoises have been confiscated by Hong Kong customs and are being re-homed to zoos around the globe.

While councillors appeared disappointed to have to turn down the offer, several concerns were raised including a lack of suitable enclosures and whether the slow moving animal would lure families to the zoo.

The public’s interest in the animals at the zoo has to be balanced with the required cost of up-keep.

Council decided to decline to participate in the current program but expressed interest in participating in a future importation.