Snakes, lizards, tortoises visit Savannah for ReptiDay

Snakes, lizards, tortoises visit Savannah for ReptiDay

The Alee Shrine on Skidaway Road was packed with crawling, slithering and jumping critters on Sunday afternoon for ReptiDay, an exotic pet show and sale.met0801reptile2

ReptiDay is a condensed, one-day version of Repticon, a national organization that hosts exotic pet conventions in large convention centers. For more than 10 years, the event has brought thousands of reptiles and exotic pets from breeders and educators across the country, including local Savannah breeders.met0801reptile3

Rayna Waddell, the on-site event coordinator for Savannah’s ReptiDay, was once a breeder who sold her snakes at such events.

Though coordination for the company is her primary focus now, she still has 100 snakes, a tortoise and a pair of prairie dogs. Waddell said her job is a labor of love, for both the animals and the individuals that breed them.

“What better job than to travel with the show, teaching people how to care for these animals? I get to see great people every weekend,” Waddell said. “This is full time. I’ve had three weekends off this year, but the work is fine because I love it.”met0801reptile4

ReptiDay will continue its weekly tour next week in Houston.