Tiny turtles on move at Awoonga

Tiny turtles on move at Awoonga
Paul Braven GLA270316AWOONGA

VISITORS to Lake Awoonga are being urged visitors to watch their step after baby Kreffts turtles were spotted.

Nigel Trezise, owner of Lake Awoonga Boating and Leisure Hire, posted a video of the critters on Facebook, highlighting their small size.

« This time of year all the little hatchlings are around,” he said.

Summer’s weather has been good for business – Awoonga is packed with visitors – and Mr Trezise hopes the turtles point to that continuing.

An old wives’ tale has it that the higher the turtles climb up the hill, the more rain summer will bring.

« Apparently in 2013 the turtles were hatching right up the top of the hill, so apparently they’ve got an instinct,” Mr Trezise said.

« If they’re around the garden beds that’s a sign of not much rain.”