Tortoises stolen in Colgate burglary

Tortoises stolen in Colgate burglary

Police have appealed for witnesses after two tortoises were stolen in a burglary.

The family pets, laptops and jewellery were stolen after a property in Forest Road, Colgate, was broken into between 7.15am and 5pm on Friday, 18 September.

A police spokesman said the Mediterranean spur thighed tortoises were a male called Lew and a female called Lyn. Lew was about 8” long and had a darker shell in part, while Lyn was about 7” long and had an overall lighter shell.

PC Ollie Pullen said: “Burglary is a callous crime that has a significant impact on the victim. This incident is even more traumatic for the victims as two much loved family pets have been stolen.

“Tortoises need specialist care; Lew and Lyn are unlikely to survive if they are not looked after properly. To legally own or sell a tortoise in the UK you have to have the correct certificate as they are an endangered species, if you do not have the relevant paperwork then you commit an offence.

“I would urge anyone, whether it is a member of public or pet shop/reptile centre, who has been offered a tortoise for sale in suspicious circumstances to get in contact with us. You can call Sussex Police directly or contact crime stoppers anonymously. We need your help in reuniting Lew and Lyn with their family.”