Turtle break

Turtle break


This painted turtle was found enjoying some sunshine at Fritz Loven Park on June 4th, 2018.

The Minnesota DNR says the Painted Turtle is the most common turtle in the region. In parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin they are commonly called « mud turtles ».

Painted Turtles are medium-sized oval turtles. The females grow to 10 inches in length while the males only grow to 7 inches long.

Roadway mortality is believed to be a major factor in turtle population declines throughout the United States. Helping these typically inoffensive animals safely across roads is therefore an important and valuable contribution to the preservation of North America’s turtles. Turtles injured while trying to cross the road may be taken to your nearest permitted wildlife rehabilitator.

The DNR emphasizes caution when helping turtles on roadways; « Don’t put yourself or others in danger. Simply pulling off the road and turning on your hazard lights may alert other drivers to slow down. Be aware of your surroundings and traffic. »

For more information on helping turtles across the roadway see: